The reading of educational and inspirational Americanisms is a beloved tradition at our Denver Republican Women's breakfast meetings. Our Americanism Chair is Barbara Fallon, long time member and political/community activist. Below is Barbara's Americanism for May 2016. We hope to have more posted soon.

Americanism October 2016 – A Time for Choosing

By Barbara Fallon


                In 1964, Ronald Reagan spoke about a time for choosing in his acclaimed talk of the same name,  "A Time for Choosing", also known as "The Speech".  Reagan spoke during the U.S. presidential election campaign on behalf of Barry Goldwater.

                In the speech, Reagan stressed his belief in smaller government, stating our Founding Fathers knew a government could not control the economy without controlling people and would necessarily use force and coercion to achieve its goal.  The future president stated then that “You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man's age-old dream – the maximum of individual freedom consistent with law and order – or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism.

                Who do we choose - Trump or Hillary?    Be mindful we are not choosing between two different people but between two different paths for America.

                The Democratic and Republican party platforms are as different as night and day. The 51-page Democratic platform is the most leftist ever, according to Pastor Jim Garlow, who ministers in San Diego and to Congress.  (Dr. Garlow doesn't care for terms “right vs. left", being far more concerned with "right vs. wrong”.) The Democratic platform contains many points which are anti-biblical.  It is thoroughly socialistic, defined by the pastor as communistic without the guns.   The 54-page GOP platform is one of the strongest GOP platforms ever.  This is a serious and very important fact. 

                Both candidates are flawed but Hillary Clinton, under equal justice, would be indicted.   There has never been any one major party candidate more consistently scandalous as Hillary, the Clintons seeming to exceed all previous boundaries for wrongdoing.   Yet where are the Democrats calling for Mrs. Clinton to step down because, among other things, she lied under oath?

                Now and again, as I am mentally preparing for the Americanism, I am gifted by a writing that says what I want to convey.  Charles Krauthammer, last week, wrote that amid the most bizarre, most tawdry, most addictive election campaign in memory that the real story of 2016 has been so effectively obliterated.  In the last months of the Obama presidency, observes Krauthammer, its two central pillars are collapsing:  domestically, its radical reform of American health care, aka Obamacare; and abroad its radical reorientation of American foreign policy – disengagement marked by diplomacy and multilateralism. 

                Bill Clinton recently called the Affordable Care Act “the craziest thing in the world,” talking only about the devastating effect to small business and hard-working employees.  Moreover, over half of its nonprofit “co-ops” have gone bankrupt with major health insurers withdrawing from the exchanges.   Premiums and deductibles are exploding.

                In the Obama Doctrine, “the president’s vision was to move toward a world ruled by universal norms, mutual obligation, international law and multilateral institutions”.  Krauthammer states rightly that “this blessed vision has died a terrible death in Aleppo”.  This process of “pristine and preening disengagement from the grubby imperatives of realpolitik yielded Crimea, the South China Sea, the rise of the Islamic State, the return of Iran”.  

                In 2014, Barack said, “Make no mistake: my policies are on the ballot.”  Democrats were crushed in that midterm election.  This time around, Obama says, “My legacy’s on the ballot.”  If the 2016 campaign hadn’t turned into a referendum on character – a battle fully personalized and ad hominem – the collapse of the Obama legacy would indeed be right now on the ballot.  And his party would be 20 points behind, according to Krauthammer.

                It is Donald Trump who will rebuild the military to facilitate peace through strength; he will respect law enforcement and restore law and order to our streets.  He will protect America’s borders.  Trump will appoint Constitution-abiding men and women to the Supreme Court.  He believes in school choice and he is pro-life, the civil rights issues of our times.   Hillary Rodham Clinton, on the other hand, will continue the left’s agenda, massive government overreach regardless of the unsustainability of $19 trillion in current debt and unfunded liability with increased taxation, regulation, and litigation, targeting our 1st and 2nd amendment rights.   “Their” – the left’s - solution to failed government policies is more government.   The left considers the American system as unjust and that the common people must cede more power, more of our wages and control to an elite class who will ‘fix’ things.  Like “they” have fixed the Veterans Administration.  Earth to the left:  When you have a desperate vet calling on the VA suicide line for help, pick up the phone!

                So I choose the Republican Donald Trump for President of the United States.  I do not defend the man in totality; but I defend America totally and why I speak today in support of Donald Trump.

Americanism May 2016 - by Barbara Fallon

            I am away for grandson Zach’s graduation at the University of Texas, but I am thinking of Zach and you this morning.  Zach is going on to medical school, his life-long dream, to the consternation of Mike, my son and ER doctor for 25 years.  From Mike’s experiences in the Emergency Department, the culture and the times have changed so that the great traditions of healing have been relegated to a government functionary requiring more time on paperwork than with patients.  Not only has the “freedom” to practice medicine changed, there has been a change in the people, a people less self-reliant and more dependent on drugs and tax-payer largess.  This is nothing less than the undoing of the American Revolution, limited government fought and won by courageous pioneers, to the false allure of the big nanny state as witnessed in the ER. 

            Since Reagan, we have not given voice effectively to the problem, for President Reagan called it: “government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem”.   Yet that message is censored to our graduates with conservative speakers frequently denied a place at the commencement podium culminating years of indoctrination by liberal professors.  Two weeks ago President Obama decreed that all public schools allow transgender people to use the “facility” with which they sexually identify or the school will lose federal funding.   Unbelievable!    Risky to our youth?  Extortion?  Or both?   

            The “big daddy” that is government “supports” single mothers so that for the first time in our history, there are more single mothers than married mothers in America.  In the name of “compassion”, big government diminishes the basic union of democracy – the family and disabuses that children typically do best when raised by a mother and a father.  California Governor Jerry Brown has mandated a $15/hour minimum wage as the “moral” thing to do while acknowledging that the artificial higher wage will “cost jobs”.  Jon Caldara, of Colorado’s free-market Independence Institute, taking the language of the left, calls such actions “hate crimes”, harming as they do the poor and vulnerable.  The liberal mantra:  if it feels good, do it!  The conservative principle:  individual responsibility and opportunity. 

            The left has doubled the nation’s debt in the last seven years.  Bernie Sanders’ “free” college and expanded benefits will add $19 trillion to the national debt within the decade while raising taxes an additional $15 trillion.  There is no compassion in bequeathing such overwhelming debt to the next generation, who, by the way, need to figure this out.  What benefits would accrue under such a system to work, achieve, and to contribute? 

            Internationally, seven years of the Obama administration’s “no policy” policy has wrought persecution and slaughter of Christians; Islamic State controlling territories from Afghanistan to West Africa; Iran arming with powerful anti-aircraft weapons from Russia; a KGB man leading Russia while seeking to replace American influence; Europe over-run with migrants from the Middle East threatening basic stability and identity; and China militarizing the South China Sea.   Prior to President Obama, part of the mission and pride, and self-interest, of America was as a beacon of freedom.  Obama has turned his back on this fundamental duty and on the peoples who are struggling for sovereignty.   All of this on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s watch, which presumably gives her the “experience” to be the Democratic presumptive presidential nominee.  What a deceit!

            Be wary, too, of fraudulent calls for unity.  It is the left that divides Americans by race, gender and class and how Democratic candidates seek to win elections.   What they really intend is to unite Americans around their values since our worldviews are mutually exclusive.   With revisionism to our very history taught at our schools, by the media, and by the Hollywood elites, what kind of country America was meant to be is under siege.   The Republican Party, founded in 1854 to stop the spread of slavery, supports people seen as ordinary, hard-working Americans.  Republicans care about protecting America, about constructionists and originalists placed on the Supreme Court, about controlling our borders, countering jihad, maintaining sovereignty through border control, countering identity politics, supporting sensible energy policies, and bringing government back to we the people.   These are reasons why I have called myself, and will call myself, Republican. 

            With 73% of polled Americans saying under President Obama America is going down the wrong track, United States Senator Michael Bennet is beatable.  The “down ticket” this November is of immense importance.  A majority of one in the State Senate killed the hospital fee bill, denying a money run around Tabor.   For the liberal never has enough of our money to waste and redistribute.  Moreover, Amendment 69, on the November ballot as pushed by socialist State Senator Irene Aguilar, will destroy freedom by establishing single payer universal healthcare in Colorado.  The ballot measure doubles the state budget of $25 billion in its first year, increasing the state income tax to 14.63%, the highest in the country.  A panel of bureaucrats will administer a payment system and control the per capita cost of health care. (Think VA!!!)   It would be illegal for anyone providing health care service to accept any payment not the same as allowed by ColoradoCare as determined by a 21-person board.   Our health and our physicians will be at the beck and call of big government.    God save America!

            Today I salute my long-time friends in Denver Republican Women – those who recognized the threat to faith, family, and freedom decades ago and worked to save America – and those who are pushing back today to preserve what the Founders intended - limited government and liberty.  To our stalwart women, keep up the fight for freedom for all our graduates and for Zach, who just wants “to help people”.